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Useful Online Shopping Tips

Useful Online Shopping Tips

While buying products on the Internet, we must act carefully and devote a certain period of time to this process. It is not recommended to shop from the first site we come across, and before deciding which of the online stores is the most suitable, it is recommended to study various offers and to compare goods and prices. Therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant situations when buying products online, here are some tips and recommendations for the users:
- check how serious the online store is, whether the seller is a real company, whether there are a large number of complaints and negative reviews from buyers. Avoid operators who do not display full contact details (address, phone, etc.) and those where only the email address is indicated;
- one must carefully read the sale conditions (information about the store, prices and delivery terms, payment methods, return policy, privacy policy, etc.);
- purchased goods must be accompanied by an invoice. The buyer may also request a quality certificate;
- the buyer must be careful when providing the card details and ensure the transfer of data via a secure protocol. For shopping online, one do not need a PIN code, just the CVV code (consisting of 3 or 4 digits entered on the card).
- if the goods are delivered from abroad, the buyer should pay attention to transportation costs and other expenses, such as customs duties or VAT;
- one must carefully read the terms of delivery and return of goods. In some cases, the buyer must bear the shipping costs and they may be significant;
- it is important to print the order or the invoice if a dispute the seller subsequently arises;
- upon receipt of the goods, the buyer must check whether it matches the description on the site and whether there are any defects. Otherwise, it can be returned.

In the European Union, starting June 13, 2014, buyers have 14 days to cancel purchases made online and receive money back without giving any reason. The only expenses that the client can bear are the direct costs of returning the goods. However, these rules do not apply to several categories of products, such as transport tickets, hotel bookings, delivered food and drinks, personalized goods, or storage media such as DVDs that were sealed upon receipt.

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